Referral Partners

Your clients’ success is our top priority.

Ease Your Clients’ Payroll Burden

If you are a broker with staffing agency clients that require easy, instant access to working capital, become a Frontline Funding referral partner.

With payroll funding with Frontline, brokers refer clients to us that have payroll financing needs. We quickly schedule an interview with that client to gain a full understanding of their requirements. If they are a good match, we will agree upon terms at that time. Upon approval of their funding application, we immediately release the funds for a fee, typically in less than 48 hours.

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Why Choose Payroll Funding For Your Clients?

Why Refer Clients To Frontline?

As a referral partner, you’re helping your clients succeed – which helps you succeed. Some of the benefits of referring clients to us include:

  • Handling short-term liabilities with short-term financing.
  • Avoid the red tape that comes with traditional asset-based funding.
  • You become your clients’ hero by offering a fast, effective solution.


Frontline Funding is a leader in invoice factoring and payroll funding for staffing companies in all stages of growth. Our healthy financial position allows us to be much more flexible than other financing companies, and we are more streamlined than banks. 

Our niche focus on staffing companies gives us unmatched expertise. We understand the challenges that come with running a successful staffing agency, and we aim to help as many companies as we can. We provide an exceptional experience and ongoing support. With Frontline, your client will never feel left out in the cold.

Help your clients meet all their working capital needs efficiently and without any cost overruns.

Speed Up Application Process

Get fast, simple access to working capital without the red tape of traditional, asset-based funding. Work with Frontline and watch your business grow.