Staffing Startups

Financial strategies and customized funding to support your objectives.

Access The Capital You Need To Build Your Business

One of the main challenges for staffing startups is securing financing.Without a credit history, solid assets or a proven track record, this can be an ongoing challenge in your fight to get established.

 That’s where Frontline Funding can make the difference.

Slow-paying clients negatively impact your cash flow. However, if your clients are credit-worthy themselves, Frontline can help. Through a process known as invoice factoring or accounts receivable factoring, we buy your outstanding invoices, providing you with fast access to the funds you need.

We also provide other innovative funding sources for startups to allow you to realize your goals without the administrative burden that banks or traditional financing options would place on your new firm.

Don’t let undercapitalization hold you back. Realize the true potential of your staffing business with funding solutions from Frontline.

Why Successful Staffing Companies Choose Frontline


Approval through Frontline is fast. Simply fill out the application, and you can be approved as quickly as 24 hours.


Streamline operations and focus on strategic growth by eliminating cash flow headaches and administrative red tape.


Frontline boasts higher advance rates against receivables than traditional lines of credit or asset-based loans.


Frontline was founded by former staffing industry and human resources professionals. We have been where you are.

Service Excellence

We offer transparency and ongoing support to our customers, and we treat your clients with professionalism and respect.


Because our funding process is fast and streamlined, you will never miss an opportunity to grow your staffing firm.

Speed Up Application Process

Get fast, simple access to working capital without the red tape of traditional, asset-based funding. Work with Frontline and watch your business grow.