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How Factoring Differs from a Bank Loan | Frontline Funding

How Factoring Differs from a Bank Loan

When you’re building a business, you should take advantage of a diverse set of funding options. It’s important to understand the ideal choice for each scenario. While factoring and bank loans can both act as

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Refreshers About Invoice Factoring | Frontline Funding

Refreshers About Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring offers an outstanding way to secure your cash flow and lower risk at your staffing firm. However, it’s important to understand some of the intricacies of the process before jumping in. That way,

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How Does Factoring Change Your Clients Experience

How Does Factoring Change Your Client Experience

Invoice factoring offers an excellent opportunity to improve your funding situation. However, there are misconceptions about the process that prevent many staffing firms from reaching out. Specifically, companies worry that factoring will change their relationship

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