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A Few Ways to Create Meaning for Employees (Apart from Money)

Yes, going to work is about earning a paycheck. But it should be about more than that as well. Your employees want an intellectual, and even spiritual, connection to their professional activities. Are you doing enough to create meaning for them?

Many companies aren’t. One study found that just half of employees describe themselves as finding meaning in their work. To some extent, this represents an organizational failure. You need to take steps to deliver a higher cause to your team.

We’re not talking about giving additional dollars. Rather, you want to turn your workers into more than paycheck players. You’ll see increased engagement and improved employee satisfaction by nurturing a more consequential relationship with their work. These benefits can blossom into higher productivity and increased retention.

So how do you achieve these goals? Here are a few steps you can take to create meaning for your employees (apart from offering more money):

Creating Different Ways to Form Meaning for Your Employees

Say “Thank You”

It’s important for people to know their work matters. Your employees put time and effort into their tasks. Make sure they know you appreciate their hard work.

Share Your Long-Term Vision

Where is your company going? And how can individual employees contribute to this process? Answering questions like these can offer another layer of accomplishment for your team members.

After all, your employees want to advance their careers. Let them know this can happen within your organization. Make them aware of your long-term goals and include them in your planning process.

Spotlight Your Customers

Each part of your organization contributes to the overall value experienced by your customers. Don’t let your employees become overly focused on their individual tasks. Maintain a customer-focused culture, communicating to your team members that they contribute to your client’s success as well as to your own.

Communicate Your Larger Mission

Yes, your company exists to make money. But it also has a broader mission. From improving your customers’ lives to a wider social impact, your products and services deliver a deeper contribution. Remind your employees that there are societal repercussions for what you do.

Encourage Feedback from Your Staff

Make your team feel included in the development of your organization. This will create a sense of empowerment and give them ownership in some of the broader decisions made about the direction of overall policy.

Create a system for soliciting feedback from your team members. This includes employee surveys, as well as methods for receiving specific ideas.

The benefits of this policy go beyond offering additional meaning for your employees. You also open yourself up to game-changing ideas, encouraging innovation and improving your growth prospects.

Nurture Bonds Between Your Employees

A strong team spirit creates its own meaning. Your employees will work harder and make more sacrifices if they feel connected to each other. They don’t want to let each other down.

Take steps to foster tighter bonds between your employees. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Encourage collaboration
  • Host social events (either in real life or remotely)
  • Provide outlets where your employees can share aspects of their outside lives
  • Create mentorship programs
  • Invest in culture, including teamwork and communication

Engage with Your Community

Go beyond the confines of your organization. Connecting with the outside community gives you an outlet for your employees’ best instincts (and provides excellent PR opportunities in the bargain).

As such, look for ways to encourage charity and community involvement. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Publicly praise your employees’ charitable efforts
  • Make community involvement part of your culture
  • Give your employees days off for volunteering
  • Offer to match a portion of your employees’ charitable giving
  • Provide a strong example of community involvement

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