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How to Show Meaningful Employee Appreciation This Holiday Season

Turkey. Shopping. Ugly sweaters. The holidays come with a bunch of traditions. The season also offers an excellent chance to look around you and appreciate the people who improve your life. With that in mind, do you do enough to show your employees how important they are to you?

Many employers fall short in this area. One study found that nearly four out of 10 workers (39%) don’t feel appreciated on the job. Meanwhile, this discontent can end up costing you crucial team members — two-thirds of employees said they would likely leave a job that didn’t provide the recognition they deserved.

If you’ve been a little lax on this front, the holidays give you a great chance to improve. With that in mind, here are a few steps you can take to show meaningful employee appreciation this holiday season:

Showing Your Workforce Appreciation This Holiday Season

Say ‘Thank You’

Start with the simplest approach. Whatever else you do to show your appreciation, combine those gestures with a straightforward “thank you.” This may seem overly basic, but it ensures that your message of respect and recognition comes through loud and clear.

Personalize Your Appreciation

A general “thank you” can show your team that you appreciate their combined effort. However, if you want specific employees to understand their value to the organization, you need to get more granular.

As you talk to individuals, personalize your approach. Come up with specific examples of where they contributed to overall success. This way, your appreciation will seem more sincere.

Give a Gift

The holidays represent the time for gift-giving. As such, this offers an excellent way to show you care. This can consist of an actual gift or as a holiday bonus.

Donate to Your Employees’ Favorite Charities

You can celebrate the giving spirit in other ways as well. To show your employees you care about their concerns, offer to match their donation to a charity of their choice.

Schedule Extra Vacation Days

The holidays create a complicated situation on the home front. Your employees want to spend time with their friends and families during the season. You can facilitate this by giving them additional vacation during the last couple of months of the year.

This might not be possible for your business. Many industries see their busiest time during the holidays. In these situations, extra days off (or even any days off) might be out of the question. However, look to make up for this once the rush passes. Some added vacation in January will let your employees recharge and prepare for the new year.

Host a Party

The lifting of COVID restrictions has expanded your holiday options. Now you can party like it’s 2019. Hosting a party will let you express your appreciation and give your team a chance to mingle and let their hair down.

Ask Your Employees What They Prefer

You’ve heard of love languages? That applies to realms beyond the romantic. If you want to communicate your appreciation in the most effective way possible, find out what kind of thanks your team would prefer. Communicate with your employees and gather their feedback.

Take Your Gratitude Beyond the Holidays

Don’t reserve your appreciation for one fraction of the calendar. Rather, find ways to express thanks throughout the year. Make a plan to turn your expression of gratitude into an ongoing process.

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