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What Every Struggling Staffing Firm Has Trouble With

Have you run into challenges building your staffing firm? Of course — any business venture comes with its share of struggles. But you can learn from the experience of other recruiters and improve your ability to succeed.

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Many of the problems you face are common throughout the industry. By learning about the stumbling blocks that frequently trip up recruiters, you can confront the issues more effectively.

With that in mind, here’s a list of the problems every struggling staffing firm has trouble with and how you can overcome these challenges:

Challenges Struggling Staffing Firms Are Dealing With

Not Enough Long-Term Planning

In any startup, the list of day-to-day tasks can get daunting. Your attention can get swamped just keeping up with your workload and dealing with the minor emergencies that face any business.

But as you keep your staffing firm afloat, don’t forget to set aside time for longer-term planning. Those broader ambitions are important. Crafting a vision and taking regular steps towards those loftier goals will keep your venture expanding over time.

Lack of Flexibility

Making long-term plans doesn’t mean locking yourself into a path. Conditions change fast in the staffing industry. (Just look at everything that’s happened since the end of 2019 to get an example.)

Your business needs to remain nimble. Create long-term goals but leave room to revise those objectives. Have processes in place to capture opportunities as they arise and to react to emergencies.

Inadequate Communication

Communication is core to any business. However, it becomes especially important in the staffing industry. Because of the nature of your endeavor, you have a three-way conversation going. At any given time, you’re talking to:

  • Your clients
  • Potential job candidates
  • Your employees

Make sure you have the right structure to get the most out of all these conversations. Routinely check in with your customers to see what else you can do for them. Meanwhile, learn what candidates need from you so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Not Trusting Your Staff

We noted the importance of communication. The conversations you have with your employees belong in a separate category. Fostering an atmosphere of trust and open discussion will unlock your staffing firm’s full potential.

Share your vision with your employees. Solicit feedback and make incremental improvement through constructive feedback. This will help you become the best organization you can be.

Not Focusing Enough on Money Matters

You reached your position as a decision-maker in a staffing firm because of your skills as a recruiter. And your ultimate success will depend on that expertise.

However, don’t forget that you’re running a business. You also need to take care of the nuts and bolts of operating a for-profit enterprise. That includes worrying about factors like revenue, earnings, margins, and cash flow.

Get comfortable with the financial side of your staffing firm. If needed, find the right help. Bring in accountants and financial managers to take some of the burden off of you.

At the same time, develop a network of strong financial partners. A top funding company, like Frontline Funding, can provide the support you need to secure your cash situation. This will give you the peace of mind to focus on running your staffing firm.

Contact Frontline today to get the resources you need to make your staffing firm a success.

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