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The Dos and Don’ts of Staffing Startups

It’s an exciting time, finally getting your dream of a staffing startup off the ground. It’s also a crucial moment in your company’s development. Decisions you make now will set the tone and establish momentum. These choices could potentially determine your ultimate success or failure. As such, you need to consider each selection carefully. With that in mind, here some of the dos and don’ts of launching staffing startups:

What All Staffing Startups Should Consider Before Launch

Do: Make a Business Plan

Trying to improvise your way to growth will only waste cash and damage your prospects. Rather, make a formal business plan before you start spending money. That way, you can get the most benefit possible out of your limited capital.

Don’t: Make Price Your Only Value

A new startup enters a competitive market. Your staffing firm needs to win clients and carve out a place among already established players.

The temptation is to grab as much market share as possible with low pricing. However, this can permanently limit your long-term growth. Rather, look at other potential value propositions. You can offer clients a better overall service without rushing to the lowest-revenue solution.

Do: Learn the Market

Knowledge will be key to your startup’s survival. You want to learn as much as you can about your market. This includes topics like:

  • Your competitors
  • The macroeconomic situation
  • The specifics of your target region/niche
  • Your potential clients
  • Your target job candidates

Don’t: Try to Succeed on Your Own

You’ll need a strong team to thrive. Start building this HR infrastructure from the earliest days. Make recruiting top talent an early priority — after all, this is the essential service you’re offering to clients.

Do: Understand Your Niche

Focus your early efforts. Eventually, you can branch out to other specialties or to a broader strategy. As you launch, however, look to target your specific niche. Solidify your expertise in this field and make it the foundation for future growth.

Don’t: Become Too Narrowly Focused

Okay, we just told you to concentrate on your niche. But that doesn’t mean you should put blinders on. The market can change quickly and you need to be ready to evolve. Stay nimble to grab opportunities as they arise.

Do: Get the Most out of Technology

As a startup, you need to maximize every resource. Technology can help you do that. Begin by finding the right tech backbone, allowing you to streamline your approach to matching clients with candidates. At the same time, use productivity and communication software to optimize your internal operations.

Don’t: Ignore Your Funding Situation

Startups need cash. Along with your initial investment, you need to line up additional funding options along the way. This will help you smooth out cash flow bumps as you grow, as well as give you the fuel you need for expansion along the way.

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