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4 Ways Established Staffing Firms Can Benefit From Funding

You’ve fought hard to build a strong foundation for your staffing firm. Now that you’ve established your recruiting business, you need to take the steps necessary for even greater success. Securing funding options will give you the resources you need to launch the next stage of your business development.

Competition is fierce in the staffing industry. There are around 25,000 recruiting agencies in the U.S. No matter how well established you are now, you need to keep adapting to stay competitive.

Given this environment, it’s crucial to have a consistent source of funding. This will give you the cash you need when you need it.

Here are four ways a funding partner can benefit your established staffing business:

Smooth Out Cash Flow

As an established staffing firm, you have a humming operation. You just need to keep it that way. You don’t want to endanger your company because you run into a near-term hiccup.

Any staffing firm will see ebbs and flows in its business. You can’t always count on a steady level of revenues. Yet, your expenses might not have the same flex.

You have fixed costs, like staff salaries, rent, insurance, and various utilities. You need to be able to make those payments, even if you encounter near-term glitches. If COVID has taught us anything, it is that you need to prepare for anything.

A close relationship with a funding company can give you the maneuverability you need. You’ll have options if you hit a looming deadline and find yourself short of cash. You can keep your staffing firm moving forward while you overcome a near-term dip in revenues.

Lower Risks Associated with Realizing Revenue

Landing a client feels great. But there’s a step between making a sale and getting the revenue: collections. This often-underappreciated part of the staffing business can cause cash flow issues if not done effectively.

Funding options let you lower the risks related to collections. With invoice factoring, for example, you receive cash for the revenue you’re already owed. That way, you don’t have to worry about when you’ll have the money in hand.

Fund Expansion Efforts

Even during good times, access to additional cash can be crucial. You can use the money to fund various forms of expansion:

  • Open a new office
  • Hire additional staff
  • Pursue M&A opportunities
  • Add a new vertical

With a strong connection to a funding partner, you have resources you need to drive growth. This will keep you competitive for years to come.

Provide a Buffer for Unexpected Events

Remember 2020? Everything seemed great in February. By the end of March, the pandemic had taken hold. Your business probably hasn’t been quite the same since.

As an established staffing firm, you’ve probably experienced other, less dramatic, events over the years. Whatever the cause, it’s good to have funding relationships in place that give you the necessary flexibility.

Remember: these unexpected events aren’t always negative. Sudden opportunities can arise as well. Access to quick cash can facilitate company-altering improvements, even when they surprise you.

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